Kishorkumar Karthikeyan

English teacher

About me

Education: I am studying medicine at Vilnius University

I am Kishor and I am from the U.K.

I am studying medicine at Vilnius University.

I have worked for quite a while voluntarily teaching kids from subjects such as math, to physical education. I am considering a future as a Pediatrician, a surgeon or a combination of the two.

These are just some of my life views.

Children are unique. They have a remarkable ability to express their thoughts and feelings without a filter. This realism is something that I find admirable.

I believe that children need a strong and positive upbringing. The people who play a role in their lives, need to instill firm yet lenient attributes, to emphasise the values of kindness, compassion, honesty and love, as well as to teach them the importance of independence.

This is what I hope to achieve with my role at this nursery.

I am excited to work here, and to see each seed grows.